The importance of analyzing the genes before conception

The importance of analyzing the genes before conception

A gene is the fundamental unit of life. A molecule that stores information that determines the presence of hereditary traits in living beings. The human reproductive machinery is not perfect, and is susceptible to errors and alterations in the genes called ‘mutations’, which may lead to the birth of an offspring that is affected by a hereditary disorder. Constant technological innovation in the field of genetics throughout the years has brought about the availability of an increasing number of tests that have the ability to determine whether there is any probability to give birth to a child with a hereditary genetic disorder.

At PGDLabs, our genetic diagnostics laboratory, we offer reproductive genetic testing services. These tests involve a DNA analysis, which reveals gene mutations that may lead to hereditary diseases.

Why is it important to analyze the genes before conception?

If you want to give your baby the best start in life, you can consult with our specialists, who will provide you with personalized information on pre-conception diagnosis, whose results will allow you to find our whether you and your partner are bearers of serious hereditary conditions that may directly affect the healthy development of your future offspring. This means that the tests focus on:

  • The screening for over 32,000 mutations related to more than 360 genetic autosomal recessive disorders, or disorders linked to the X chromosome.
  • Determining the bearer condition for the couple and the risk of having offspring that is affected by any hereditary disease that is covered by the screening test.

If you want to meet with a genetic advisor to learn more information that guarantees both your and your baby’s health, do not hesitate to contact the PGDLabs genetic laboratory. We work in collaboration with renowned reproductive medicine clinics that will provide you with the solutions you need. If you have any inquiry regarding our assisted reproduction treatments and our reproductive genetic testing, please contact us – no strings attached.