Fertility treatment: diagnosis and treatment

Infertility tests

There are many reasons why a couple may decide to start a fertility treatment under advice from their physicians. Some of the most common causes for being unable to carry a pregnancy, as we have already seen in previous posts in our blog, are hormonal, psychological, environmental and even nutritional factors, as well as advanced age, which has increased the demand for this type of treatment.

Detecting the reason why a pregnancy cannot be successfully carried to term is the first step toward increasing the chance of accomplishing it.

When should testing be performed to know whether you are sterile or infertile?

If you believe that you or your partner have some problem conceiving, before you undergo specific testing it is highly advisable to wait for at least a year since you started trying.

To know the cause of the infertility or sterility in women, specialized centers usually first study the health and state of the Fallopian tubes, the uterus and its surroundings. And for men, the motility, production, size and shape of the sperm are the factors that are studied to determine the presence of sterility or infertility.

At PGD Labs we work in collaboration with specialized clinics in fertility treatments

If you believe that it is time to get started with a fertility treatment to increase the chances of pregnancy and reach your objective, it is advisable that you visit a specialized clinic that can provide counseling and offer you the right treatment.

Being a genetics laboratory specialized in Reproductive Genetics, at PGD Labs we actively work in collaboration with fertility clinics from around the world that perform analyses to determine the causes of infertility and seek the best treatment to achieve a safe pregnancy. As specialists, at our clinic we provide the support and treatments they need both for the genetic diagnosis of infertility and to improve the pregnancy rates.

If you have any questions, you can contact us, no strings attached, at our e-mail info@pgdlabs.com or by phone at 965 969 38 400. At PGD Labs Kuwait we offer you the trust that you need.