At PGD Labs we offer you Genetic Insights

You want to have a child, but you are in doubt whether your future baby will suffer from a genetic disease? Or do you have a child that is at risk of suffering from one? Sometimes we need genetic Insights for our peace of mind and to know how to act.

At PGD-Labs we have the solution, because we are a genetics laboratory that specializes in Reproductive Genetics. We have a team of specialists who have been working since 2014 to help couples have healthy children or prevent them from developing congenital disorders.

Genetic Insights

Our counseling includes…

These are some of the general steps followed by PGD-Labs when supporting couples that require its services, though each case requires personalized care:

  • Family history.
  • Family history study.
  • Explanation of the disease and counseling in regard to possible reproductive treatments.

Who is it aimed at?

  • Infertility. In cases of infertility or miscarriages.
  • Hereditary disease. If you or a member of your family suffers from, or carries, any hereditary disease.
  • Cosanguineal relationship with your partner. Partners who are related have increased chances for their offspring to suffer from genetic diseases.
  • Pregnancy after 36 years of age. When the mother has a certain age, there is a risk for the baby to suffer from diseases. Therefore, one should obtain genetic Insights from a doctor who will advise you during the pregnancy and inform you whether genetic or chromosomal disorders have been found during the ultrasounds.
  • Children with genetic problems. If the couple has other children who are mentally or developmentally disabled or have birth defects.

If you fall into any of these categories, you should get genetic Insights by a professional. Need more information? Are you looking for specific information about the tests or other services? Do not hesitate to contact us by calling +965 969 38 400 or sending us an e-mail at We will get to you as soon as possible!