Genetic testing services, the future in your hands

If you are considering having a child and have doubts about whether it may suffer from a genetic disease, at PGD-Labs we offer you the opportunity to clear these doubts through our genetic testing services. Our team will determine which tests better suit your case.

We are a genetics laboratory specialized in Reproductive Genetics, located in Kuwait, that actively works with fertility clinics since 2014. Our mission is to focus our know-how and experience in improving the pregnancy rate of couples with fertility problems. In addition, our goal is also to help couples who are at risk of conceiving a baby with genetic problems.

Are you unsure whether your baby may suffer from a congenital disorder? In that case, clearing certain doubts is essential to set off on your path toward parenthood. At PGD-Labs we work day by day for couples to increase their chances to have a healthy baby.

Genetic testing

PGT for carriers of genetic disorders

Preimplantation genetic testing is a method to diagnose a hereditary disorder in the embryo during a fertilization treatment before it is implanted in the uterus.

What does this technique offer? This treatment allows for the selection and transfer to the patient only of the embryos that are free from a specific hereditary disorder. When a genetic disease or chromosomal rearrangement is identified, treatments such as PGT-M or PGT-SR can be applied.


PGT for aneuploidy testing

This test, also known as PGT-A, is a genetic test that can be performed on embryos during an in vitro fertilization treatment, just like the previous one, before they are implanted in the uterus. It allows for the detection of anomalies in the number of chromosomes (aneuploidies), transferring only the embryos that are chromosomally normal (euploidies).

Gender selection

This allows for the detection of the embryos’ chromosomal gender, as well as aneuploidies related to gender chromosomes, such as monosomy X – related to Turner syndrome – or the XXY trisomy – which is related to Klinefelter syndrome.

Nutritional genetics

Did you know that the purpose of nutrigenetics is to study how everyone responds to a specific diet? Each individual responds differently, since these responses depend on individual genetic variations. Discoveries in gene-nutrient interactions provide a scientific basis for personalized nutritional recommendations. GneXvitae is a complete genetic study that allows us to establish a personalized nutritional action plan based on a global and integral vision of each individual’s genetic profile.

Preconception tests

A blood sample can be used to determine the risk that a couple has of having a child that is affected by a recessive genetic disorder. This test is essential for couples who know that their offspring can suffer from a genetic disorder, or who simply want to make sure before conceiving.

If you contact us you will be able to obtain more information about these treatments. You can call us at +965 969 38 400 or send us an e-mail at and clear any doubt you may have about our genetic testing services.