Genetic testing

Thinking of having a child, and you are concerned wondering whether it will be healthy or if it will inherit some genetic disease or disorder? If this is the case, it is recommended that you undergo genetic testing.

Genetic tests let us know whether there is a chance for our baby to be born with genetic alterations before conception. Thanks to these tests, we can identify changes in the chromosomes, genes or proteins. In addition, in case some genetic disorder is confirmed, these pre-conception analyses will determine its seriousness based on your genetics.

How do we perform genetic tests at PGD Labs?

  1. At PGD Labs we perform pre-conception tests by which we can quickly and easily determine a couple’s risk of having a child with a unique genetic disorder. These tests can detect over 32,000 mutations that span up to 360 genetic diseases.
  2. After fully informing the couple that wishes to know the risk of having a babe with some genetic alteration, if they decide to move forward we extract a blood sample from one or both members of the couple.
  3. We analyze all samples in our own labs and with the help of experienced biologists, and after obtaining the results, we provide them either to the couple or to the corresponding fertility centers (which whom we actively work).
  4. In those cases in which the analysis shows that some member carries a genetic alteration, we perform a new, more specific test in which we evaluate the risk of transmitting it to the future offspring.

Who can benefit from genetic tests?

  • Any couple that is considering expanding their family and wishes to know beforehand whether there is a chance for a genetic disease to be transmitted to their future child.
  • Related couples, because they are at a higher risk of carrying the same recessive genetic condition due to some mutation inherited from a common family member.

To receive more information and personalized advice on genetic testing performed by true professionals and reproductive genetics specialists, get in touch with PGD Labs and inquire about your case: