Personal Data Protection


This declaration is effective as of February 2018.

It is essential for PGDLABS KUWAIT to respect privacy and ensure the data that is provided, in order to strengthen the trust in our organization.

This statement sets out the information management practices on the websites of PGDLABS KUWAIT as well as on the websites of its partners and collaborators, regarding: type of information required, use of such information, mode to share it and how to treat it.

In the case of collaborating entities, each one will respond with their own particular conditions, exposed in their respective web pages.

This statement can be supplemented with additional information, in particular cases that require special treatment.



We will always respect your decision about the treatment of your data, either in a timely manner or to communicate in the future.

In the case that you provide us with personal information, such as name, address, mail, telephone numbers, etc, for a specific action, and request, that we communicate with you, because you want specific information about a product or service, or because you want to access to a specific job in our organization, we will respond to your request, without contacting you in the future.

In the event that we collect information related to the use of our websites, using any tracking technology, such as your IP address, browser type and language, your access hours, etc., your consent will be previously informed and required.

If we collect personal information from external lists, we will always ask the provider to guarantee that these have been obtained in accordance with the Law, as well as, their certification as we are authorized to use it.



In response to any request, you will be sent information concerning that request, we must specify that in some cases to complete this request, we will need the help of external collaborators, in those cases, part of the data must be communicated to them; if these data are relevant, a commitment of confidentiality and security will be obtained from said collaborators beforehand.

At any time you may limit the use of your data making use of the rights emanating from the RGPD


Rectification, Cancellation



Request the limitation of your treatment

Request the portability of the data

Right of access

The interested party shall have the right to request and obtain for free information of their personal data submitted to processing, the origin of said data as well as the communications made or planned to be made of them.

Right of Rectification Cancellation

Upon request and within a period of 10 days, personal data whose treatment does not comply with the provisions of the Law and, in particular, when such data are inaccurate or incomplete, will be rectified or canceled.

Right of Opposition

In cases in which the consent of the affected party is not necessary for the treatment of personal data, and provided that a Law does not provide otherwise, the latter may oppose its treatment when there are legitimate and legitimate reasons related to a specific situation. personal. In such case, the person responsible for the file shall exclude from the processing the data relative to the affected person ”

Right of Suppression or Right to Oblivion

It is the right of people to request the removal of their personal data in certain cases:

  1. a) When the data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or processed;
  2. b) When the interested party withdraws his consent for the treatment;
  3. c) When the interested party opposes the treatment and other legitimate reasons for the treatment do not prevail;
  4. d) When the data have been treated illicitly;
  5. e) When the data must be deleted for compliance with an obligation that applies to the data controller;
  6. f) When the data have been obtained in relation to the direct offer to children of services of the so-called “information society”

The suppression requests can not be accepted when the treatment is necessary:

To exercise the right to freedom of expression and information

For the fulfillment of a legal obligation that requires the treatment of data imposed by EU Law or the Member States that applies to the controller or for the fulfillment of a mission performed in the public interest or in the exercise of public powers conferred on the responsible

For reasons of public interest in the field of public health

For archival purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research or statistical purposes

For the formulation, exercise or defense of claims.

Right to Limitation

It will allow you to put limits to the treatment of your data, by the person responsible for it or, in other words, suspend the processing thereof in certain cases, for example, during the period necessary to determine the accuracy of the data when it is contested by the interested party or when the data is no longer necessary but the interested party does not want its deletion because a claim has been filed.

Only your treatment will be possible:

– With the consent of the interested party.

– For the formulation, exercise or defense of claims.

– To protect the rights of another natural or legal person.

– For reasons of public interest of the Union or of a certain Member State.

You have the right to effective judicial protection and to submit a claim to the supervisory authority, in this case, the Spanish Data Protection Agency, if they consider that the processing of personal data that concerns you violates the Regulation.

Right to Portability

In the exercise of this right we will facilitate, the transfer of your data.

– When the treatment is based on the consent of the interested party or on a contract

– When the treatment is carried out by carried out by automated means.



In cases where there are reasonable grounds to believe that the rights of our organization, employees and employees may be affected, due to facts derived from their actions, we reserve the right to inform the law and collaborate with judges and courts to protect said interests.



At all times we are committed to protect your personal data and preserve its confidentiality, integrity and availability, for it will be enabled as many technical and organizational measures are necessary to achieve this end, likewise, we will collect from our suppliers and collaborators, by signing of contracts these same security conditions.



The information in our possession will remain active for the duration of the relationship and no action has been taken against it, remember that at any time you can exercise your rights and cancel or modify this relationship.



Any questions that may arise about our privacy statement, privacy policy, legal conditions or issues related to data processing can be done through our email