What is PGT for gender selection in Kuwait?

Baby gender selection in Kuwait

What is PGT for gender selection in Kuwait?

This genetic test is performed on embryos during the IVF treatment and allows us to detect the chromosomal gender of embryos (XX or XY) before they are implanted in the womb.

Furthermore, this test allows us to find aneuploidies related to sex-chromosomes such as monosomy X,(Turner syndrome); and trisomy XXY (Klinefelter syndrome).

How does PGT for gender selection work?

  1. A cycle of in-vitro fertilization is required to obtain embryos. The cycle is performed at a fertility unit.
  2. Embryo biopsy: It is carried out on the third day of embryo development and consists of removing once cell from the whole embryo, without interfering with its normal development.
  3.  At this stage, the genetic diagnosis is performed. PGDLabs team of biologists processes the obtained cell for genetic testing. The test is performed by using the FISH technique, which allows us to determine the sex-chromosomal dotationof the embryo.
  4. The embryo is transferred. The results of the genetic test are sent to the fertility unit, and the normal embryos of the desired chromosomal gender are transferred

Who can benefit from this test?

At PGDLabs we recommend these tests in the following cases:

  • Couples who seek a balanced family.
  • For medical reasons, to prevent a gender-related genetic disease.

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