Postnatal testing in Kuwait

4. Postnatal testing in Kuwait

Postnatal testing in Kuwait

Are you looking for a laboratory that specialises in genetic postnatal testing in Kuwait? ? If so, we invite you to know PGDLabs.

The importance of postnatal testing

A proper diagnosis and early treatment can be decisive when it comes to genetic diseases. When a genetic disorder is suspected, in most of the cases acting fast prevents to undergo unnecessary medical tests and to offer a specific action plan to improve life quality. Moreover, it allows to offer a proper genetic counselling to the family member to prevent the disease in future generations.

Postnatal testing in Kuwait

What tests do we perform at PGDLabs Kuwait, our Reproductive Genetics Laboratory located in Kuwait?

  • Blood karyotyping
  • Array CGH, Comparative Genomic Hybridization, for the detection of CNS (copy number variants)
  • Full exome sequencing, with reporting of clinically relevant findings
  • NGS panels (hereditary cancer, intellectual disability, heart problems, dyslipidaemia, neurological disorders, etc.)
  • FMR1 gene testing, fragile X syndrome
  • Beta-thalassemia: HBB gene sequencing
  • Alfa-thalassemia: HBA1 and HBA2 gene deletion detection by MLPA
  • Search for mutations to detect specific genetic conditions via gene sequencing, MLPA and/or NGS

Molecular analysis of a specific known genetic mutation (screening the carrier of a known hereditary mutation)

If you want to know more about our postnatal testing in Kuwait or some other service offered by our Reproductive genetics Laboratory, simply contact us. We will provide you with personalised care to address all of your inquiries.

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  • Phones: +965 969 38 400 / 25316116
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  • Address: Jabriya Medical Center, 6th floor, Fourth Ring Road, Jabriya Block 1A, Kuwait.
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