What is PGD for gender selection?

At PGD-Labs we work day by day to improve the fertility of couples who are looking to have a child. We have the best PGD for gender selection technology provided by expert biologists who offer genetic tests to address all questions and doubts regarding the health of the future baby.

PGD for gender selection is performed on the embryos during the in vitro fertilization process and allows for the detection of their chromosomal gender before they are implanted in the uterus.

What does this test offer? It provides us with valuable information: in addition to being able to identify the chromosomal gender of the embryo, we can detect anomalies in the number of gender chromosomes (aneuploidies) to then finally transfer the embryo of the desired sex.

Who can benefit from this technique?

You might be wondering who can benefit from PGD for gender selection. Here at PGD-Labs we recommend this technique in the following cases:
Couples who are looking to balance their family.

Due to medical reasons, to prevent a genetic disorder related to the baby’s gender.

How does this technique work?

This is a groundbreaking method that involves the following steps:

  • Embryos developed at an assisted reproduction unit are obtained during the in vitro fertilization cycle.
  • On the third day of the embryo’s development an embryonic biopsy is performed. It consists of retrieving one cell off the embryo without compromising its normal development.
  • The following step is the genetic diagnosis: the cell retrieved from the embryo is processed for the genetic analysis by PGD-Labs’ team. The test is performed through the FISH technique and it allows us to determine the gender chromosome content of the embryo.
  • This step involves the transfer of the embryo. The results of the genetic test are submitted to the assisted reproduction unit and embryos of the desired chromosomal gender are transferred.

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