PGD Labs offers genetic counseling services

Genetic counseling services are a communicational process between the genetics expert and the patient. This process may comprise only one session, but most cases involve multiple sessions in which the patients pose all of their questions and PGD Labs’ team of experts provides information and addresses all doubts regarding the genetic disease.

The counseling involves providing the medical records of the patients and their family members, complementary testing, explaining the disease and suggesting a specific treatment.

The structure of genetic counseling services varies, since each service addresses the needs of each patient.

In which cases should you seek genetic counseling services?

You may seek these services in case you have questions about the future health of your baby. However, there are a few high-risk cases that should be consulted with a specialist:

  • If one member of the couple has a genetic disease or if a physician believes that he/she might.
  • If you have a family record of hereditary diseases.
  • If two or more close family members have had one same disease.
  • If you suffer from infertility or if the woman has experienced miscarriages.
  • If you are related to your partner.
  • If the woman is over 36 years of age.

These are some of the reasons, but each case is unique. Therefore, there may be other causes that should be determined by a specialist.

What is the profile of genetic counselors like and what are their functions?

Their function is to empathetically identify the needs of the couple, as well as to collect the necessary information for a genetic evaluation and perform the appropriate clinical tests.

Genetic counselors services are tasked with explaining what the genetic disease is, and its repercussions for the future baby. In addition, they must inform about an adequate treatment and fertilization process. You should feel that you can tell them about any doubt you may have, and they should address them all.

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