Texting Girls

Texting Girls

The way the Modern Booty name Goes Down

We’ve all had gotten that buddy just who can not place his phone down within bar. The guy who is had gotten eight text discussions with girls going on immediately. You’re wanting to pick-up brand-new girls, and he’s just wanting to nail down the ones he’s currently got. You’re not satisfied. He’s getting a sh*tty wingman. However you will give it to him — the text-message-to-bedroom method occasionally works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes obtain power down. And often your ex you’re speaking with provides it in a completely various direction. But it takes much less undertaking than trying to grab on club.

We’re selecting some actual text-message exchanges that skate around a relationship or sex issue. Those you’ve got at 2 a.m. that begin with, “Hey :)” and somehow end up garnering an answer through the lady on the reverse side — whether good or adverse.

Listed below are some instances from… ahem… some dudes we know.