PGD for gender selection?

PGD for gender / Are you at risk of transmitting a genetic disease to the foetus? Advances in genetic and reproductive technology have led to the creation of preconceptional carrier screening. If you are constantly wondering whether you should undergo this screening before getting pregnant, visit us and we will advise you. A study designed as a template that analyses whether either parent carries a gene that can transmit a genetic disorder to the baby, detecting over 32,000 mutations There are hundreds of genetic disordersthat can cause certain diseases, many of which are serious for the baby. These gene disorders are usually inherited from parents who have no idea that they arecarriers! Which is why it is important to undergo these tests. Although being a carrier of a genetic disease usually does not affect your health, when both members of the couple are carriers of the same recessive genetic disorder, the risk of having affected children is as high as 25%. Screening is quite simple, since only a saliva, blood or cheek tissue sample is required. There are two types of tests that can be performed: o Selection of specificcarriers. A study is performed using the familial or ethnical background, because certain mutations have a higher risk of being inherited than others in certain genes. For example, white non-Hispanic individuals need to be screened as cystic fibrosis carriers. Conversely, people of Jewish origin may becarriersof diseases such as Canavan disease orfamilial dysautonomia. o Extended carrier detection. A sample can be used to detect many disorders; it usually focuses on severe premature conditions. When canpreconceptional carrier screening be performed? This analysis can be performed either before or during pregnancy. However, it is recommended to undergo this screening before conception, since, depending on the results, you will have a wide scope of reproductive options and much more time to make certain decisions. As genetic counsellors, we can help you determine whether there is a risk of transmitting agenetic disorderbased on your family’s medical history as well. We will ask you a few questions about your health and that of your family. Genetic disorderssuch as Cystic fibrosis, the fragile X syndrome, Tay-Sachs disease orHuntington’s are some of the most common If you have any questions, you may contact us, no strings attached, to our e-mailinfo@pgdlabs.comor our phone number +965 969 38 400 and we will provide you with more information aboutpreconceptional carrier screening.